05 October 2015

Through Thick and Thin #PedigreeGives

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I've always been a strong believer that dogs really are a man's best friend. I have been a witness of how faithful they are for the past seven years. Seven years ago, my parents separated and although I wasn't a child anymore, it affected my greatly. I fell into depression and wanted nothing to do with the world. My days were always spent locked in my room refusing everyone's company, but my four-legged best friend, Duke. He was just a puppy then, but yet he already knew that my heart was broken. He would never leave my side and whenever I would speak to him, he always listened and looked straight into my eyes. Almost as if he wanted to respond. It was his company and playful personality that allowed me to get through such hard moment in my life. Now, I have two dogs and I make sure to always keep them happy by giving them lots of love, food and treats that they love.

30 September 2015

How My Car Helps Me Be Independent

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Before motherhood, I considered myself a busy person, but now, I know the real definition of being busy and always on-the-go.  Whether it's to a doctor's appointment or a quick run to get diapers, I love knowing that I can count on my car to get me and my family there. I mean no one wants to get stranded! That's why I keep up with oil changes as stated in my owner's manual because sometimes things as simple as an oil change can save thousands of dollars in unexpected vehicle expenses such as having to replace an engine.
My car is more than just a car. It's helps me be an independent woman by allowing me to accomplish goals such as finishing college and working full-time. I know, it's not impossible to do this without a car, but it definitely makes the journey easier. It also makes me feel like wonder-woman since there are days when I have to be at various places all in the same day. I definitely wouldn't be able to do this without my car.  So when it comes to my oil changes, I always make sure to use reliable products and services. The Walmart Auto Care Center is a place I trust for my car oil changes not only because  they offer great services , but also because the workers are very knowledgeable and know what's good for my car. For example, they recommended that for my car I use synthetic oil. I went ahead and purchased the Quaker State Ultimate Durability - Full Synthetic Motor Oil and oil filter.
#ad #cbias I love coming the Walmart Auto Care Center because the crew doesn't try to sell any unnecessary products. They get straight to work and even vacuum my car and clean my windshield every-time. On days when they Auto Care Center is busy, I get my shopping done all at the same time. I love the convenience! 
#cbias #ad #cambio confiable
#ad #cbias #cambioconfiable
Knowing that I am taking care of my car the way it's supposed to, assures me that it will continue to help me in being the on-the-go mommy that I am and that it will last for many years. How do you take care of your car? How does it make your life easier?

23 September 2015

Chicco NaturalFit Bottles and Baby's Feeding Style

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Even before I became a mother, I knew the benefits of breastfeeding. So as soon as I found out I was expecting Nathaniel, I knew I wanted to solely breastfeed him. Things had been going perfectly fine up until a few weeks ago when he suddenly began to cry and pull away. As a new mother, I've learned many things by trial and error and this was no different. I began assuming that perhaps he was sick, or I that I was not producing enough milk, but, boy was I wrong. After two days of crying and fuzzing, the inevitable happened. I went and purchased formula. I couldn't bear seeing him cry so hard almost as if he was in pain. Of course, I didn't want him to only feed off formula, so I tried a breast-pump and it worked!! Now, the problem was finding a bottle that would adapt to my baby's feeding style.Chicco NaturalFit

12 September 2015

A Weekend at Westin Lake Las Vegas

Now that Nathaniel is three-months-old, my little family and I went on our first family getaway. We ended up booking a weekend at the Westin Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada which is about twenty-five minutes from the strip. I first went out there a year ago with my mother and brother and I fell in love that's why I decided to go back this year.  From the moment I enter the resort, everything is relaxation. It was about 100 degrees out there which made it perfect for swimming at the pool and lake. Yes, there is beautiful lake which provides many fun activities like kayaking and paddle boating. The best part is that those are amenities that are included in the resort fees. Or you can rent a boat and cruise around the lake for an hour -- thats what we did and it was only $79.

lake las vegas

09 September 2015

Keeping My Baby Happy with Huggies Clutch 'n' Clean Wipes

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Prior to having my son, I used to think that being a mother wouldn't be as difficult as everyone would make it seem. But now, I must agree that motherhood is no easy task. My son, Nathaniel, is now three-months-old and I continue to learn something new each day. With that comes running errands and taking him everywhere with me. Whether it's a to a doctor appointment or grocery shopping, I am always on-the-go. That's why I love items that aren't bulky and have more than one use.

05 August 2015

Kate Spade Haul

My little family and I took a stroll through the Camarillo Outlets a few weeks ago. I didn't really have anything in mind that I wanted or needed. But of course, a few goodies can never hurt a girl, LOL. The minute I walked into Kate Spade I fell in love with their items. I brought home two handbags and two wallets.

18 June 2015

Celebrate the Anchor in Your Life with Nautica and Macy's (Giveaway)

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It’s been almost two weeks since my son came into this world and as joyous as I am to have become a mother, I have to admit that there are days when I feel overwhelmed with all the changes. Thankfully, I have the anchor in my life that not only keeps me grounded now, but also did during my pregnancy. From running to get me French fries at three in the morning, random trips to the ER, to dealing with my mood swings, my boyfriend endured it all and continues to do so.  I cannot imagine my life without him. He is such a great support and loves our son unconditionally. Having a hectic schedule doesn’t stop him from making time for us, and I appreciate it so much. Seeing him bond with our son melts my heart and I can’t wait to continue making memories with him as a family. I am beyond blessed to have a great man in my life that loves, nurtures, respects and makes my days brighter when I feel down with just one of his jokes.